Properly Vetting Your Contractor

It can be challenging to find a competent bathroom contractor these days. With the amount of money you are going to invest in your new project, you want to be sure you have chosen someone you can trust. We have compiled a list of questions and concerns to consider before signing anything.


Get The Bid In Writing

Request a written itemized estimate. Be wary of estimates that seem too good to be true as they may be an indication of a hasty job or key items being left out. Obtain a few quotes and compare. If one big comes in way higher than the others, don’t be afraid to ask what that includes that another quote doesn’t. Consider putting a liability release in the contract, which will ensure that you and the contractor are protected if any accidents occur.


How And When Do I Pay?

Do not use someone who asks for all of the money upfront. A contractor who asks for the entire balance in advance is someone you should run away from. It’s common for contractors to ask for a deposit, but avoid anyone who expects to be paid in full before the work is complete.

Who Will Be At The Site And How Will It Be Supervised?

Find out if the crew works for the company or will be a group of hired out subcontractors. Will there be a foreman on site overseeing everything? The foreman is your eyes and ears onsite and should be open to communication with you about how the project is coming along.


What Guarantees Can Be Given?

Ask about guarantees for the work that will be done. Do not sign anything until you are happy with what you are receiving. You want to see in writing that the contractor will be obtaining the proper permits and following guidelines. In addition, ask about any warranties the contractor provides with the work. If they are offering a warranty, it means they stand by their work and will be more likely to do the job right.


Are They Insured?

Ask to see documentation that they are properly insured. You could be in for some legal trouble if an accident happened in your home and they were not covered. You could also be in for added expenses if they do a shoddy job or caused an issue to your home. Their insurance should cover their employees, liability, and accidents.


Ask About The Project Timeline

It is reasonable to discuss a timeline and have the contractor stick to it. While surprises may pop up, an outline is good to have. In addition to a timeline, ask what hours the contractor typically begins and ends the day with. They should be open to working with your daily schedule within reason. Be sure to ask for open communication in case the timeline changes or issues arise.

At MDH Unlimited we strive for complete customer satisfaction. We guarantee our work and do everything in our power to complete the job properly in the timeframe we give.

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